Buy Everything at RM 2

Buy Everything at RM2

‘Buy Everything at RM2’ – This Eco-Shop sells everything at only RM2!


Yes, that’s right you didn’t hear it wrong, Eco-Shop sells everything displayed at only RM2, that means every item in this shop costs only about SGD 70 cents! From stationery, accessories, toys, glassware and hardware, to snacks, food and drinks, this budget -friendly shop is even better than Daiso as there are so much things here. The things here are so cheap that it makes you feel like buying everything! So, get ready for a shopping spree, which you will probably end up with bags of stuff to bring home at the end of this shopping trip!

In spite of the prices here being unbelievably good, the shop never compromises on its product quality. Everyone loves this mall, and it gives you a reason to visit Johor Bahru again and again! You won’t need to think twice before buying anything here! It is always such a delightful experience to shop at Eco-Shop.

You may want to drive here or bring along more people if you are planning to buy a lot, so that it is easier to lug the bags of items home. Thank goodness, this shop is air-conditioned, so you can spend hours in here shopping without feeling the blazing heat from outside.


If you’ve missed the chance to purchase it during the first time, you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing opportunity again! Shopping has never felt so pleasurable before! You have to visit this ‘Buy Everything at RM2’ Eco-Shop when you are in Johor Bahru! The deals here are too good to be missed! Opened daily from 10am to 10pm, why not book a transport to JB today!

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