Bukit Broga Hill

Bukit Broga Hill

By Izham Alias (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The beautiful Bukit Broga Hill


Bukit Broga Hill is a nice place to go for hiking, as you will be surrounded around nature’s beauty. The sound of birds chirping away, the beautiful sight and smell of fresh air, and the nice cooling temperature, is a great way to begin the day! Hike up Bukit Broga Hill and admire the wonders of nature along your way. It is one of the most beautiful hiking spots, and one of the locals’ favourite hiking spots!

Did you know that Bukit Broga Hill is also known as Bukit Lalang? This is because the lalang, which is a type of plant, can be found in abundance at the top of the hill.

Needless to say, the most appealing part of the hike is definitely the panoramic view it has to offer, which at times seems surreal! The beautiful views of the dense rainforests, the majestic mountains at a distance, and the towns and villages can all be seen from up here. If you manage to wake up early to catch the sunrise, it will be a truly spectacular view, and you would only wish for time to freeze at this incredible moment!

Although this hiking trail is generally an easy trail, but you should always come prepared with proper hiking shoes, outfit and equipment. You need to be careful as there are certain steep sections and abrupt portions which might be slippery along the trail. You will also have to cross a few boulders to reach the peak, so please do not underestimate the hike, and please be careful at all times.


So, if you are looking for a beautiful hiking spot, you got to come to Bukit Broga Hill! However, please avoid coming to this hill during the weekends as it is always packed with hikers. With that being said, enjoy your hike here!

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