Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang Night Market You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Cameron Highlands is the Malaysia’s most widespread hill station. The mountainous landscape of Cameron Highlands makes it the best place to unwind from the heat. It is covered with wide jungle and tea plantations with soft and leafy hills surrounded by low clouds. The view is one of the most beautiful in the country. Moreover, you must visit the Night Market in Cameron Highlands as it’s known to be one of the most excellent places to shop and explore. Brinchang Night Market is the Cameron’s second biggest town and the most of its tourists are from Malaysia and Singapore.

It is very nearer to the “central market”, nurseries, golf course, museum, and orchards. Along with these places, Brinchang is also famous for the “Night Market”. It is mostly filled with the crowd when there is Malaysian School weekends or on holidays.

Brinchang Night Market

This unique site is a wonderful showcase of all the ethnic groups in the region and their style of food. Street vendors offer a variety of curries, sweetened sesame sweet potato, Apam Balik (a sweet cake with corn and walnut). Brinchang Night Market has a great selection of local food and fresh produce. A popular night market for tourist who wanna have a taste of the local culture. Brinchang Night Market is very cheap and if you will eat a little of everything, although you will hardly spend about five dollars.

Brinchang Night Market – “Pasar Malam” among locals.

It is also known as “Pasar Malam” among locals. This weekend market engages tarmac clearing on both side of the road. It is exactly located at North of the Town Brinchang in the same direction of Kea Farm. You will see a wide range of native products in this night market. Some of which include fruits as well as delicious homemade fruit jams. Moreover, you will find some stalls selling other things apart from food items like hair bands, hair clips, cloths etc. Not only does this market offers you a great deal to buy from if you happen to get a foggy weather it surely will make your trip worthwhile by only admiring the view it presents to its visitors.

Brinchang is not ideal for those who seek rest from the crowds. On weekends there is a night market. Traffic can become unbearable in high season. At the Brinchang Night Market, you will find rows of customers buying coconut and strawberry skewers with melted chocolate. Cactus Valley is also a part of a Night Market in Cameron Highland, it is a converted tourist attraction in store, located in Brinchang, where travelers buy plants to take home. It also has a restaurant offering Chinese-Malaysian food.

Every day from 5.00 pm to 10.30 pm, you will find numerous stands selling clothes, souvenirs, sunglasses, watches, etc. The market is partly very much geared to tourists, but nevertheless, you meet here also many locals.

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