Botanic Gardens Singapore

Botanic Gardens Singapore

Botanic Gardens Singapore – Singapore’s UNESCO Heritage Site


Botanic Gardens Singapore is a UNESCO heritage site featuring the best garden park. Home to a large diversity of tropical flora, this beautiful site is one of the top attraction to visit in Singapore!


Attractions in Singapore Botanic Gardens:

  • National Orchid Garden: This is the main attraction in Botanic Gardens. Spread over 3 hectares of gorgeously landscaped garden, this garden is home to more than ‘1000 species of orchid’ and 2000 hybrid species. It boasts to have the world’s largest orchid display, featuring over 60,000 vibrant orchids and plants. The orchids are divided into 4 different zones namely ‘spring zone’ which flaunts shades of yellow, cream and gold, the ‘autumn zone’ which display orchids of green and soft orange shades. The orchids at the ‘summer zone’ are in shades of pinks and red and the ‘winter zone’ – violets, blues and whites petals.
  • Burkill Hall: This is an exhibit area which displays information of orchids that are named after some of the famous people, such as Margaret Thatcher.
  • VIP Orchid Garden: Located at the back of Burkill hall, this garden showcases the orchids which were created and named after the VIPs. There are more than 100 visiting heads of states, celebrities and dignitaries honoured by ‘Singapore’s orchid diplomacy’


These are just a few of the attractions in Botanic Gardens. There are more to see here, including a ginger garden, where you can see how gingers are planted. There is also Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate, where you will see the first ‘green roof’ in Singapore. Also, if you are bringing kids along, you can go to ‘Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden’, where the children can enjoy learning about plants in a fun way!


Have a fun day at Singapore Botanic Gardens! Opens at 5:00 am until 12:00 midnight, you can come here anytime to admire these beautiful orchids and plants!

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