Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation

The Incredible World of Boh Tea Plantation

If you are maintaining a ‘To Do’ list for your visit to Cameron highlands, then one thing that should top that list is Boh Tea Plantation. The tea plantation of Cameron highlands is famous for its spectacular views of crisp greens. A tea valley so marvellous that it will leave you dazzled! Moreover the dense greenery of the plantation is highly refreshing. Once you are already there, you just cannot miss sipping onto some hot fresh organic tea in the chilly weather.

Furthermore, you can treat yourself with scones and strawberries after loitering around this huge Boh Tea Plantation. Besides tasting the divine tea from where it has been originated; You can also gain knowledge on how the processing of tea is done in the factory. The Boh Tea Plantation is the biggest plantation of Southeast Asia, advanced over 8000 acres and is really massive. The rich soil with cold climate of the province offers fertile ground which results in huge cultivation and staggering of tea. There were an increase of demand asking for it.

To make sure that the freshness of the tea is remained intact, Boh carries on harvesting in its personal factory situated in Sungai Palas. These amazing tea products are domestically and internationally distributed.

The factory consists of machines that are strong even though it’s being used since 1930’s. The process of making this delicious tea involves breaking it down for fermentation, adding the required aroma and flavour and then later drying it in dryer room.

Incredible Beauty 

Tea Plantation in Cameron highland is so incredibly fantastic that you will be forced to stop the car and admire the beauty of the place while you travel through it. The roads are however said to be quiet narrow but the breath taking greenery on both the sides which makes your steep and risky turns worthy. You will never seen a plantation that is being done on such a large scale along with tea bushes that are trimmed in the neatest manner. The site is superb and must be beheld.

If you have the luxury to achieve this serenity than do not miss it, as sitting on the edge witnessing a view so breathtaking is not an everyday scenario of course. Also, don’t forget to take home the tea produce from here in order to let this delectable and heavenly taste linger on your mouth for a while.

You can’t say that you have been to Cameron highland if you have not seen their tree plantation. Boh Tea Plantation is a treat for both your sight and taste buds! So, make sure you do not miss to visit it!

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