Best Beach In Tioman Island

Best Beach In Tioman Island

Best Beaches in Pulau Tioman


Pulau Tioman is located about 40 kilometers from the southeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia. In the 1970s, the island was voted one of the most beautiful in the world. Today, Tioman is a popular holiday destination – Its beautiful beaches, scuba diving and snorkelling activities attracts many tourists every year.

There are many beaches in Tioman, but here are some of the best beaches on the island: Paya Beach Resort, Panuba beach and Juara beach. You can go for snorkeling or just chill and relax at the beaches and enjoy the views.


Here are some of the best beaches in Tioman:

– Paya Beach Resort:

It is one of the resorts you may want to stay at if you are interested to go scuba diving. They offer top quality scuba diving equipment and training courses to all. They also offer other beach activities to do at  Paya Beach – you can go for their banana boats, canoeing, snorkelling, ATV motors, adventure safaris and trekking. Paya beach is the perfect idyllic gateway to enjoy the best of nature. Golden sands and turquoise water surrounding the beach makes Paya Beach a jewel.

– Panuba Beach:

Panuba beach is one of the best beach in Tioman island, a small beach, yet so beautiful… This piece of paradise is where tourists can truely enjoy peace and serenity. The shallow, clear blue waters at this private beach makes it ideal for snorkelling!

– Juara Beach:

It is a small, secluded beach, situated away from the busier beaches. As a result, it is not as populated as the other beaches. You will be blown away by its attractiveness when you come here. It is extremely quiet and peaceful at this beach, which makes the beach a really nice place to getaway from all the stress in an urban city. There are plenty of things you can do at this beach, such as hiking up to see the Juara waterfall, snorkelling, surfing, diving and visiting the Juara Turtle Project.


There are many other beautiful beaches in Tioman, such as Salang Beach, Monkey Beach, and Berjaya Beach which you should also visit if you have the time. However, you should avoid going to Tioman during the monsoon seasons, as beach activities will be affected.

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Scuba and Snorkeling In Tioman Island

Scuba and Snorkeling

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