Awana Skyway Genting

Awana Skyway Genting

Awana Skyway Genting – Amazing Awana Cable Car


Awana Skyway Genting accommodates up to 3000 passengers in 99 gondolas. Be amazed by the spectacular sceneries along the 2.8km-long ride, and the fresh crisp air from the mountains. You can see a view of Genting resort that is surrounded by the rainforest, and catch the brilliant site of the 20th century fox world, which is set to open in 2018. The cable car sets off from Awana Skyway, and it stops midway at Chin Swee caves temple, where you can choose to alight to visit this beautiful cave temple – which is one of the popular tourist attraction in Genting, or take to the last stop, which brings you to Sky Avenue station – where you can shop at the famous sky avenue mall. The entire cable car ride takes about 10 minutes, get ready to be mesmerised!

You can choose from two different kinds of cable cars, one is the normal one and the other, is a glass gondola – which offers you an unobstructed view of the surroundings. You can look through the transparent glass floor of the gondola, to enjoy the views!

Awana Skyway is definitely one ride that you should try when you are in Genting, you can’t agree more!

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