Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

By Chongkian (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy a fun-filled day at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park


Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is one of Johor Bahru’s highly-recommended theme park. It features 3 play zones – the Adventure Park, Water Park, and the Sports and Leisure Park.

  • Water Park

Here are some of its attractions: Supersurf – race to reach downhill in this adrenaline pumping 6 lanes slide race. The G-Force Alley – This anti-gravity experience will make you feel as though you are flying! Yellow Wall is also another more thrilling ride here. The Water playground in the splash zone, Austin Wave Pool and Lazy River are some of the more relaxing rides here. You can dip yourself in the refreshing water and enjoy some nice suntan on the floats.

  • Adventure Park

Get ready for some thrilling adventures here! With 51 obstacles to cross, it is definitely a good challenge as you can learn how to manage your fears to overcome the challenges, one step at a time. Jamor Crossing – An adventure Park wouldn’t be as fun without this obstacle course. This fairly challenging course is the one to anticipate! Pnotta Bride – put your balancing skills to play to help you reach the other end of the rope. This obstacle course is extremely fun, especially when the wind blows which makes it harder to balance. But, you should never worry about falling, as the safety equipment will ensure your safety.

  • Sports and Leisure Park

This indoor park is all about fun! It caters to all age groups – young and old. The Jump Street is a trampoline park where you can freely express yourself and just have fun bouncing around. You can even play sports like basketball on the trampoline, it makes sports much more fun and it definitely puts one’s fitness level to the test! The Go-Kart and Ice-Skating Rink are activities that you and your kids can also enjoy!


Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a great theme park in Johor! It offers so many activities, both wet and dry, and it never fails to put a smile on their customers’ faces! Do take note that the opening hours for the Water Park is 10am – 7pm, 10am – 6pm for the Adventure Park and 10am -10pm for the Sports and Leisure Park! You may want to come at 10am to get the most out of the theme park as time always pass by so quickly when you are having so much fun! Make your way to Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park today!

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