Art In Paradise Langkawi 3D Museum

Art In Paradise Langkawi

Art in Paradise Langkawi- Langkawi 3D Art Museum


Langkawi is thronged with tourists for its beautiful beaches and water activities. But on top of these, there are also many famous attractions in Langkawi that you must visit when you are here! Art in Paradise Langkawi is one of them.

Situated in Pantai Kok area, witness art come alive at Langkawi’s Art In Paradise 3D Museum- the world’s 2nd largest 3D museum!

It is a super fun, super interactive and definitely pictures-worthy museum. Located only 20 minutes away from Langkawi international airport, Langkawi 3D Art Museum is a major attraction site. This huge art museum spans over 2000 square meters, spreading over three storeys. It features around 200 pieces of unbelievably impressive art works painted by 23 highly talented local artists.

Divided into 9 interactive zones, Art in Paradise Langkawi features themes such as safari, optical illusions, fantasy, aquatic marine life, castles, Egyptian, classic, landscapes and the zone of Malaysia that perfectly depicts the culture, life and Malaysia heritage.

These beautiful paintings look so real that it is simply incredible! Some of the notable works include the 3D panoramic view of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur marking the Petronas Twin Towers, Sultan Abdul Samad building and Menara KL Tower.

Out of the many tourist attractions in Langkawi, Art in Paradise is very popular, not only among children, but even adults enjoy it! There is always so much fun and laughter here! Don’t forget to snap pictures while you are immersed in the artworks by such talented artists that make every image and painting seem so realistic!

Art in Paradise Langkawi is open all days between 9am and 6pm. You have to experience and see if for yourself!

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