Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC – Kuala Lumpur’s world class oceanarium


Discover Malaysia’s largest aquarium! Aquaria KLCC is situated at Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, just ten minutes away from the great Twin Towers. Home to over 5000 marine animals, divided into 7 zones including living ocean, weird and wonderful, evolution zone and deep forest, the diverse species of beautiful marine life will blow your mind away!


Here are some of Aquaria KLCC attractions:

  • Feeding sessions
  • The hungry sharks (Aquatheatre)

This is one of the main attractions in Aquaria KLCC that you mustn’t miss when you are here! Watch the divers come up close and feed the ferocious sharks! Keep your eyes wide open and don’t blink your eyes, as it will be over in a split second! Do note that this attraction is only available on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays, at 3pm!

  • Arapaima (Flooded Forest)

Watch the divers feed the Arapaima fish, which is among the largest freshwater fish in the world! It is said to be able to grow up to 3m in length and weigh more than 150kg! Catch the spectacular feeding sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays, at 2.30pm.

  • Piranhas

Known for their razor-sharp teeth and predatory behaviour, the aggressive red-bellied piranhas are notoriously known as ferocious predators, who have an insatiable appetite. Are you ready to meet them face-to-face? Witness the incredible feeding session at 4pm daily!

These are some of the feeding sessions which you definitely should not miss at Aquaria KLCC!


  • Zones

Divided into 7 zones, some of the creatures they have on exhibits are the green sea turtle, your favourite sharks – including the blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and sand tiger sharks, the majestic rays, the alligator garfish, jellyfish, sea horses and many more!


  • Swim with sharks

For certified divers, if you would love to experience what it is like to swim with a real-life shark, then why not try Aquaria KLCC ‘Dive with Sharks’ experience? Enjoy the amazing feeling of diving in a world class oceanarium tank and go on an adventure with the sharks and along with other beautiful creatures of the ocean.

Not to worry if you do not have a diving license, you can still experience up-close encounters with the sharks, in Aquaria KLCC’s custom-made underwater cage!


Hop on and get ready for an educational tour around Aquaria KLCC and learn more about the amazing creatures living in the ocean. It will be such a great experience, and you definitely would not want to miss out on this when you are in KL! So head on down to the sea aquarium which is opened from 10am – 8pm daily, but do note that the last admission is at 7pm. Bring the whole family along and enjoy a great time with these beautiful underwater sea creatures!

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