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20th Century Fox World Theme Park

20th Century Fox World Theme Park – Genting Theme park


Set to open in 2018, 20th Century Fox World Theme Park will be a hit! The legendary theme park has yet to open, but it leaves so much anticipation! It will feature over 25 rides and attractions themed based on films, replacing the original Genting Theme Park. These rides will take inspirations from famous movies like alien v/s predator, rio, life of Pi, ice age, planet of the apes, titanic and night at the museum. The rides in 20th century fox world is definitely suitable for children and adults will also enjoy it, as there will be thrilling rides too, ranging from slides to water rides!

20th Century Fox World is all set to take the crowd of Malaysia by storm, and it will be launched soon! This is a huge project of 470 million budget, and it will be such a great one to anticipate! Just knowing that it will be 25 acres big and that they are inspired by movie themes, it just excites movie fans! If you are also fan of these movies, you should definitely keep a look out for the opening of this theme park, and pack your bags to Genting once it opens!

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